Monday, 6 January 2014

10 reasons (of many) why my Mother is awesome

1. By the age of 10 I had travelled to 10 countries
2. She showed me that even a homeless single teen parent can achieve education, happiness and success with determination, sacrifice and commitment
3. By the age of 8 I had been introduced to road trips to Amsterdam, three day long house raves and lesbians ;P
4. She introduced me to Photography
5. She introduced me to House music and DJing
6. She's a Carpenter
7. She taught me maths and English from home before I was old enough to go to school
8. I grew up (mostly) in a Buddhist household
9. All of the above - working in manual labour, DJing, House music, Photography, being in relationships with women, being a Buddhist - that were once a source of foolish embarrassment are now trendy (apparently)
10. She raised the kind of person who recognises how awesome their mother is and doesn't wait until mother's day or some other random special occasion to say it.

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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Victory: How we meet success

When I was a boy-child, my football Coach used to say something to me about winning that has stuck with me for years. When the training burn was setting in and our legs and arms were getting heavy, with the rain battering our already soaked bodies, and thoughts of giving up were gathering steam in our heads, my coach would say: "Winners never quit, and quitters never win!!!"

Back then it pissed me off, I kept thinking "why don't YOU run around in this piss-sodden mud and do shuttles!?" But as I grew older, every time I felt myself tempted to walkaway, tempted to back down, to quit on something that I really wanted, my coach's words would ring in my ear "quitters never win"...and I would dig a little deeper, suffer just a little longer until I was victorious.

You have to decide that the path you're on is one you've chosen for your life, a path that aligns you with a victory that holds true significance for you. If those boxes are ticked, backing down isn't even an option - the very thought of quitting turns your stomach and boils your blood. This is because achieving a victory that you've aligned with experiences that you want to bring into your life, and aligned with your personal development, will create a path to success or failure that will define you.

As a man-child I've unpacked my coach's words even further, as I've come to understand that victory and success are transient and relative concepts. That understanding has helped me to pick my goals more wisely. Rather than setting my sights on temporary victories, I choose goals that bring me to achieving success outcomes and experiences that build and challenge me.

Lasting success is: A life forged in experience and the result of applied understanding through the experiences we gain on our journey. We need to learn to meet success in this way - as an enhancing experience rather than as a temporarily satisfying hurdle, only to be replaced by another, and another, and another.

What do you think?

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Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day Heartbreak

I saw a lot of couples on the way home from work today, a few ladies wearing red (head-to-toe obviously) and a couple of single men on their way to meet their other halves holding flowers (a single rose the cheapest most common choice).

As couples circled and stalked me on my journey home, a recurring thought weighed on my mind "London looks a lot less single this evening than in does the other 364 days of the year, how lovely!" But the natural next steps in my thought process walked me down a path of a less complimentary nature.

I began pouring scorn on the tube station florists, thinking to myself, what kind of a loser buys their loved ones briefly mortal tokens of their love on their way home from work - "Look my love, I care so much I remembered to pick you up some flowers at Liverpool Street after going through the whole day failing to come up with something more spontaneous and meaningful!"

You know? That kind of stuff, but as I started to feel like a miserable, bitter sod, the real source of my disdain towards the whole Valentine's Day act became clear. It breaks my heart that people can't maintain a sustained public demonstration of their love and appreciation for the one(s) that truly matter in their lives.

It breaks my heart that the rest of the year we parade through our cities with glum looks on our faces, flowerless, with no one holding our hands as we walk towards evenings of sentimental love-fuelled activities, and no one putting their arms around us, tingling with the excitement of what's going down when we get home for the duration of the taxi ride or tube journey home. And it's not just that people wouldn't make the effort even though they could, but such frequent and daily shows of love would lead to complacency and would dwindle our appreciation, in short - we'd get bored.

We can be so ungrateful sometimes. So ungrateful in fact that we need a random day assigned to showing we care, and for the singletons - those with no one to call their own - they're doomed to a day of negative reflection. And the couples, the suckers give in to a day of forced pretence so that they can go back to being a little over average (at best) and downright disrespectful towards eachother (at worst) from February 15th until next year.

Pathetic right? Right, and it breaks my heart.

~ @Jonisms

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

T-Mobile's "infinite generosity" - MUGS!!!

If you follow me on Twitter you'll be familiar with my on going tweet feuds between T-MoFail and Orange. Since joining forces their service and customer care has sharply declined in quality and I'm unfortunate enough to be a customer of both. So you'll understand my laughter when I received this text today:
As an existing T-Mobile mug customer you can get shite great January deals on second lines like the iPad with Retina display for only £99.99 and £36 a month for 24 months.
ARE THEY STOOOOOPID!?! That work's as £963.99 over two years for an iPad that costs £399 that you can get with a minimum 1GB per month plan at £10 with NO CONTRACT. I'm insulted they would even dare call this a great deal and then send it to me. That's like Pizza Hut offering free pizza, charging you for delivery and then sending you a piping hot deep pan pepperoni and cowshit pizza. Once again T-Mobile UK - FFFFFFFUCK YOU!!!!

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Human conflict - There always has to be a balance

I realised yesterday that I've been a member on blogger for five years this year, but I've hardly posted anything in the last couple of years, ironically since becoming a professional writer.

Anyhow, I've been troubled by a number of thoughts that I believe it will help me to unpack if I write them out, so I shall be endeavouring to return to my blog more in the hope these posts will do for me what they always have - tidy my cluttered mind and lighten my mood.

On of the major things that have been weighing on my mind is conflict, mostly conflict of desire. From birth, we are tormented with the perceived pain of not having what we're not meant to have, crying as though the our flesh was being torn from our bones because our guardians have taken a mobile phone out of our hands for fear that we'd break it or cack-handedly delete and dial numerous numbers from our contact list.

I've watched my nephews deal with this torment (no older than 3-years-old) and pondered why for example, they scramble and protest to clasp their tiny hands on glasses instead of plastic cups.

Of course these are relatively trivial examples, but signs still that the conflict we experience throughout life, perhaps isn't a learned behaviour. As children and through to adulthood adulthood, gossiping about others - at first friends, then colleagues then celebrities - creates the fuel of our media as we long to discover the goings on of other people's lives, far from content to mind our own business. The very existence of Paparazzi, "entertainment" and celeb-news outlets are a prime example of the lengths we'll go to peek into the lives of others, at any cost necessary (even causing death) to see pictures public figures who are just like us when naked and drunk.

Even the affairs of the heart are racked with this torment, hence the emergence of some of our most treasured and beautiful pieces of poetry, art and music, as well as some of the bloodiest conflicts, that have been created and waged throughout the ages thanks to unrequited and forbidden love.

Why is it that our eyes long to see what's not meant for our sight?

Why is it that our ears long to hear what's not meant for their listening?

Why is it that our hearts long to hold what is not meant for our love?

Then last night as I walked home, with ice crunching beneath my feet and a crisp wind slicing into my cheeks, it hit me.

The human appetite for pain and loathing is as limitless as our soul's desire to soar above the clouds and explode with infinite joy - forever maintaining a balance. However, the result is that in flesh and subsequently in emotion we are shackled. Forever longing to soar.

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Saturday, 11 August 2012

Olympic proposal - Moments of London 2012

London 2012 has been a special experience, full of moments that could have been lifted directly from a dream, this is one such moment...
Written on Thursday, 9th of August, 2012:
   Josh, 29, and Lisa, 28, from Texas, had been in London for the week to experience the Olympics first hand. They'd seen a few different sports, but today was their last day in the Olympic Park and they were flying home on Saturday.
Josh told me he had been carrying the ring around all day, "nervous as hell". But as they were getting ready to leave the park he realised, they'd NEVER be here, in this moment, ever again, so he got down on his knee THERE AND THEN. I turned just as he stopped and turned to her. 

The two of them hugged for about 5 minutes whilst he was still on his knees for what seemed like a lifetime. With the warm glow of the sun shining on them, setting just behind the Olympic stadium, and both of their legs shaking, Josh pulled out the ring and asked her:

"Will you be with me forever, will you be my wife?"
She said...yes, he put the ring on her finger.

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

UK Riots - Solution

A lot of the analysis and debate sparked by recent events has unfortunately suffered from one fatal error rendering most attempts futile and meaningless.

People have attempted to address and package the issue as if there were one archetypal rioter:

Some claiming it's a "black issue" - where are the role models/fathers? Let's blame Hip-Hop and rap music!
Others claiming it's a "class issue" - it's the underprivileged, "deprived", downtrodden, all lashing out.

Truth is, people who have fallen into this trap could not be more wrong. The events over the past few days are a evidence of a moral issue. People from all walks of life, all ages and shades have been caught on CCTV, are turning up at court and are occupying prison cells across the country. However, the one thing they all have in common is a damaged or non-existent moral compass.

So how do we address this? I would propose a compulsory enlisting of all offenders into aid agencies and charities and that they serve their sentences with them, or face triple the time in a prison, with weekly positive social-cognitive rebuilding therapy sessions as mandatory, if the placement is not acceptably upheld or abandoned.

Learning to help others and seeing the direct benefit that personal sacrifice and positive action can have on other people WILL assist in preventing future transgressions, the nature of which we've seen this week. This would probably be the first time in many of their lives, experiencing the phenomenon of doing good for nothing in return and changing other people's lives for the better; a shocking, but paradoxically unsurprising likelihood.

My proposed solution is one size and would fit all. I challenge anyone to find a better and more progressive solution.

- Mr Devo

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