Friday, 27 April 2007

Moved Next door!!



I have to recreate my blog from scratch for being over zealous with my mouse clicking. Anywho, better now than later on when I have a following of huge numbers way beyond the one I have now (Literally one, me, on my own)

Get in to work, BRING IT ON!!!! Feelin' Fine!!!!

Who ever Championed German efficiency had no idea what the German people would become, HEDONISTS the lot of them!
(I would elaborate but it's one of those he said, she said, stories and I find dwelling on such things so tedious)

Certainly wouldnt want to inflict that on you, anyway, now that's off my chest, I'd like to say, Im feelin' fine!!!! Well alot better and more optimistic than yesterday, I had a good nights rest and I've minimised my perception of my current grievances with the world. Office jobs arent THAT bad, theyre alot healthier for your soul than working in Sales. URGH!

>>>>> WOW!!! SORRY TO DIGRESS BUT I JUST DISCOVERED (THANKS TO A FINGER SLIP) HOW TO SWITCH BETWEEN MY TABS ON FIRE FOX!!!!! WOOOOOHOOO! Just press and hold "Ctrl" and then press 1, 2 or 3 etc. to select the corresponding tab on your browser<<<< I TYPE AS I THINK!!!! Which some may find refreshing, if not, than my apology goes out especially for you.......

Now, Where was I?

- Sales, URGH! I had a brief stint working in the telecommunications field and it was GHASTLY, I was forced to sell things to people they really did not need just to line the pockets of the fat cats upstairs and earn myself a decent enough pay cheque to live comfortably. Anywho, a series of seemingly unfortunate events led to my emancipation and now Im in an Office job where it's all quite straight forward, there's about 30 people in my office, I'm the Universal Studios Contracts manager and the Legal and Financial Affairs Assistant and it's basically my job to be as helpful as possible wherever possible. But this is open to gross misinterpretation, I think my frustration yesterday was an over boiling of the Liberty that Ive felt certain people have been taking with me. Being in such a relaxed environment and being fairly new to all this stuff, I havnt quite learnt how to say no yet, which is my main task for the next couple of weeks:


It sounds like a simple thing but unless you're a naturally difficult or unhelpful person, it's hard to set boundaries with new people, especially when you're trying to form positive and fruitful connections within a new work place.

Anywho, I'm off to Paris tomorrow and I'll be takin plenty of cool pictures so please feel free to come by again sometime and check those out.

Avoir une bonne journée !


Today is the first day of the rest of our lives......

Someone told me yesterday that those who were willing to come second may never come first.

It got me thinking,
were they telling me that my usual approach to life, of sitting back, making relevant observations and then "making my move" was only go leave me trailing behind the "winners"?

I'd like to think not, there's often alot of risks involved when forging ahead full speed without regard for observation and analysis. May I note at this point to emphasise this:

I have NEVER walked into a lamp post, stubbed my toe or bumped my head on any frame of any sort.

I think "taking your time" is a blessing and a luxury rarely afforded in any modern society and I encourage people to do it when ever and where ever possible.

par exemple;
Right now I'm at the office, with a large list of to do's and I decided to create a blog and make a long winded and wholly unnecessary (hate spieling that word) entry into it. Leaving the piles of paper, contracts and Invoices to one side and escaping into my own train of thought.
No doubt (if there is ANYONE reading this) I have probably lost 70% of you reader's by now, so for the kind souls that kept reading I will wish you a lovingly kind and calmly paced day and I hope you come back soon, I won't always be in this kind of mood and I will be adding pictures and other interesting things.