Friday, 27 April 2007

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives......

Someone told me yesterday that those who were willing to come second may never come first.

It got me thinking,
were they telling me that my usual approach to life, of sitting back, making relevant observations and then "making my move" was only go leave me trailing behind the "winners"?

I'd like to think not, there's often alot of risks involved when forging ahead full speed without regard for observation and analysis. May I note at this point to emphasise this:

I have NEVER walked into a lamp post, stubbed my toe or bumped my head on any frame of any sort.

I think "taking your time" is a blessing and a luxury rarely afforded in any modern society and I encourage people to do it when ever and where ever possible.

par exemple;
Right now I'm at the office, with a large list of to do's and I decided to create a blog and make a long winded and wholly unnecessary (hate spieling that word) entry into it. Leaving the piles of paper, contracts and Invoices to one side and escaping into my own train of thought.
No doubt (if there is ANYONE reading this) I have probably lost 70% of you reader's by now, so for the kind souls that kept reading I will wish you a lovingly kind and calmly paced day and I hope you come back soon, I won't always be in this kind of mood and I will be adding pictures and other interesting things.




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