Tuesday, 29 May 2007

"Special Abilities" and Evolution

I am an unashamed fan of Sci-Fi/Fantasy drama TV shows and films and will readily conceed that although entertaining, the ideas and notions conjured up with special fx and creative writing genius can often be exceedingly and ridiculously far fetched, every so often something comes along that really hits home (think Star Trek, think The Matrix, think 2001 Space Odyssey, think Metropolis, think Toy Story!!!) lol. Ok that last one was a joke, but you get the point right?
Although these films/TV shows are far fetched, the phylosophies and visions contained in them are often hauntingly relevant to today's modern world. I found this in more recent times with The TV series Heroes which takes its focus off the technologies and other life forms which the future may hold and focus the attention on the evolution of Man kind, similar to the central theme of the X-Men comic books.
Im not going to start raving on about how great the show is but just using it to raise some questions:

Have we really reached the peak of our evolutionary journey or does "mankind" have a long way to go yet?
Will ordinary people one day start displaying extraordinary abilities that we would associate with "Super Heroes"?
or is it already happening?

Think about Autistic people for example, Im not an expert but from what I have experienced (first hand) and heard, aswell as read, people who "suffer" with autism, have seemingly limited communication and physical abilities but excel to almost supernatural levels in various areas such as Mathematical skill, artistic skill and mental power. Could this be but one example of the evolutionary process in Humans?
Dare I make the point that we (as in people who do not "suffer" with autism) increasingly communicate less, with less skill (verbally) we are not as physically active but yet we have gained and are continuing to amass vast amounts of knowledge in single lifetimes compared to that of people who lived 1000 years ago. Are we (people who do not have Autism) borderline autistic minus the extraordinary cognitive abilities?
I feel that the lines are blurring between what is generally thought of as a disability or abnormality and what we generally accept to be normal. I believe that mankind is yet to reach it's peak in it's evolutionary journey and that the next stages are already beginning to come about, more and more in the news am I reading extraordinary and extreme stories of people being capable of things seemingly supernatural things. Maybe I am a little "cooky" or "crazy" or over imaginative and a little bit of a "fantasist" but seriously, think about it - 5 senses, 3 dimensions, 24 hours to a day 365 days to a year, is that REALLY all there is to it.....?


Friday, 25 May 2007

Its never too late to have a happy Child hood!!!!

A couple of weeks back I did something I havnt done in MANY years, I bought some toys online.
The toys: Transformers (but with a twist of GENIUS!!!!)




Monday, 14 May 2007



It sounds like such a cliche for ones patience to be worn thin by the highs and lows of the rat race and office life, but it's innevitabley true for most, myself included, whilst I do find office work alot more "rewarding" than my spell in Retail as a teen, whenever I feel like im making some real head way and on the up, something or some one is GUARANTEED to pour warm beer all over your feast. Yet again it's Ze Germans! Why do some people point blank and obliviously refuse to take responsibilty for their own jobs and do their own work rather than passing the buck and effectively making some helpful soul their proverbial B*tch?!

Right now I am very tempted to Jump on a plane to some distant land and climb to the top of it's highest peek and post my rants in this blog from there until death leaves a comment asking me to pack it in!

I posted this blog in the hope that some one would get back to me with a solution for pent up aggression caused by other's selfish acts!

Any USEFUL TIPS, REMEDIES? I usually draw when Im aggrevated, but I don't have the time as I'm busy handling other people's work loads......

Thank you for you're time, apologies for the rant but Im sure many others feel the same and or worse, thought It best to seek advice from more experienced people in a similar position.

Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Haven't made a post in a couple of days, thought you (the reader) might have been missing me, but I didn't have much to say as I hadn't been upto that many particularly interesting things, although my Granma returned from her 2 month holiday so It was especially good to see her!

Friday saw the UK Release of Spiderman 3 which was a must see, I booked my tickets early.....



Spider Man 3 returned with avengeance for it's third instalment starring; Tobey Maguire (Peter parker/Spiderman), Kirsten Dunst (Mary J. Watson) and James Franco (Harry Osborn/Hob Goblin) who all featured in the previous two Spiderman films. This time round Director Sam Raimi and Writer Alvin Sargent wanted to explore the themes of forgiveness and the dynamics of the superhero's humanity. There were three villains packed into this film which I feel somewhat confused it on the whole. We see Harry (son of the fallen Green Goblin) take the war path to avenge his Father's death which he believes to have been at the hands of Spiderman and the Sand man played by Thomas Haden Church who's back story is briefly touched on and neatly tied into Peter Parker's as we learn in Spiderman 3. Thomas Haden's Character Flint Marko was responsible for the Death of Peter's Uncle, which is probably the most significant turning point in the film. Spiderman and Peter Parker must both deal with thier demons to save themselves and the ones they love and on the way survive long enough to forgive Flint Marko and find redemption. The third villain squeezed into this film was Venom who acquired a cult following through the comic books of Spiderman is played by Topher Grace . Venom appears in this film as an alien symbiote who lands to earth on a meteor as in the comic book series. I won't tell you the whole plot but it's basically a Darth Maul situation with Venom, he's supposedly the biggest and baddest adversary Spiderman has ever faced and yet the character himself plays the smallest part in the film. I really feel he deserved a Spiderman movie of his own and Im sure Venom fans across the world will feel cheated and be exponentially disappointed with his brief stint in Spiderman 3. As a whole the film was enjoyable, action packed, visually awesome and at times exceedingly humorous. I just wish the creative team behind it had taken their time and had the patience and creativity to make a less cluttered film without feeling the need to include venom and instead dedicating allot more focus to the core characters Sandman, Spiderman and the Hob Goblin.

MY RATING: 7.5 / 10

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

En Francais in gay Paris!!!!!

Well Im back from France! it was thoroughly enjoyable!
The social dynamics over there are endlessly intriguing, there were alot of beggars on the high streets and alot of Refugees in the downtown areas.

What was even more interesting was the fact that the beggars were fluent in English whilst the French claimed to have never heard of the EFFIEL TOWER!!!! They call it Le tour Eiffel which apparently bore no resemblance to what we call it. lol

France seems to be one of those places where having money doesnt dictate your "class" and social standing, but where you originate from does. Culturally, Paris appeared to be very diverse, but unlike some other cultural diverse places Ive lived and visited, the Parisians and the French dont seem to have embraced the diversity that it has aquired a wealth of. It's as if theyre putting their hands over their ears and squeezing their eyes shut, hoping it's not there and will all go away if they ignore it, like a bad dream. I found it very odd, but highly entertaining at the same time.

Anywho, social politics aside, Paris is a Beautiful city with some truly wonderful and classic architecture. Here's are a few more pictures of my trip. hope you like!!!

Eye full.

Up the Effiel.

Oooh Scary Machine gun wielding sodiers!!!

Pretty Flowers.

Eiffel's legs!

Loving the Scultptures!!!!

L'Arcde triomphe!

My getaway vehicle!!!