Tuesday, 1 May 2007

En Francais in gay Paris!!!!!

Well Im back from France! it was thoroughly enjoyable!
The social dynamics over there are endlessly intriguing, there were alot of beggars on the high streets and alot of Refugees in the downtown areas.

What was even more interesting was the fact that the beggars were fluent in English whilst the French claimed to have never heard of the EFFIEL TOWER!!!! They call it Le tour Eiffel which apparently bore no resemblance to what we call it. lol

France seems to be one of those places where having money doesnt dictate your "class" and social standing, but where you originate from does. Culturally, Paris appeared to be very diverse, but unlike some other cultural diverse places Ive lived and visited, the Parisians and the French dont seem to have embraced the diversity that it has aquired a wealth of. It's as if theyre putting their hands over their ears and squeezing their eyes shut, hoping it's not there and will all go away if they ignore it, like a bad dream. I found it very odd, but highly entertaining at the same time.

Anywho, social politics aside, Paris is a Beautiful city with some truly wonderful and classic architecture. Here's are a few more pictures of my trip. hope you like!!!

Eye full.

Up the Effiel.

Oooh Scary Machine gun wielding sodiers!!!

Pretty Flowers.

Eiffel's legs!

Loving the Scultptures!!!!

L'Arcde triomphe!

My getaway vehicle!!!


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