Tuesday, 8 May 2007


Haven't made a post in a couple of days, thought you (the reader) might have been missing me, but I didn't have much to say as I hadn't been upto that many particularly interesting things, although my Granma returned from her 2 month holiday so It was especially good to see her!

Friday saw the UK Release of Spiderman 3 which was a must see, I booked my tickets early.....



Spider Man 3 returned with avengeance for it's third instalment starring; Tobey Maguire (Peter parker/Spiderman), Kirsten Dunst (Mary J. Watson) and James Franco (Harry Osborn/Hob Goblin) who all featured in the previous two Spiderman films. This time round Director Sam Raimi and Writer Alvin Sargent wanted to explore the themes of forgiveness and the dynamics of the superhero's humanity. There were three villains packed into this film which I feel somewhat confused it on the whole. We see Harry (son of the fallen Green Goblin) take the war path to avenge his Father's death which he believes to have been at the hands of Spiderman and the Sand man played by Thomas Haden Church who's back story is briefly touched on and neatly tied into Peter Parker's as we learn in Spiderman 3. Thomas Haden's Character Flint Marko was responsible for the Death of Peter's Uncle, which is probably the most significant turning point in the film. Spiderman and Peter Parker must both deal with thier demons to save themselves and the ones they love and on the way survive long enough to forgive Flint Marko and find redemption. The third villain squeezed into this film was Venom who acquired a cult following through the comic books of Spiderman is played by Topher Grace . Venom appears in this film as an alien symbiote who lands to earth on a meteor as in the comic book series. I won't tell you the whole plot but it's basically a Darth Maul situation with Venom, he's supposedly the biggest and baddest adversary Spiderman has ever faced and yet the character himself plays the smallest part in the film. I really feel he deserved a Spiderman movie of his own and Im sure Venom fans across the world will feel cheated and be exponentially disappointed with his brief stint in Spiderman 3. As a whole the film was enjoyable, action packed, visually awesome and at times exceedingly humorous. I just wish the creative team behind it had taken their time and had the patience and creativity to make a less cluttered film without feeling the need to include venom and instead dedicating allot more focus to the core characters Sandman, Spiderman and the Hob Goblin.

MY RATING: 7.5 / 10


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