Monday, 14 May 2007



It sounds like such a cliche for ones patience to be worn thin by the highs and lows of the rat race and office life, but it's innevitabley true for most, myself included, whilst I do find office work alot more "rewarding" than my spell in Retail as a teen, whenever I feel like im making some real head way and on the up, something or some one is GUARANTEED to pour warm beer all over your feast. Yet again it's Ze Germans! Why do some people point blank and obliviously refuse to take responsibilty for their own jobs and do their own work rather than passing the buck and effectively making some helpful soul their proverbial B*tch?!

Right now I am very tempted to Jump on a plane to some distant land and climb to the top of it's highest peek and post my rants in this blog from there until death leaves a comment asking me to pack it in!

I posted this blog in the hope that some one would get back to me with a solution for pent up aggression caused by other's selfish acts!

Any USEFUL TIPS, REMEDIES? I usually draw when Im aggrevated, but I don't have the time as I'm busy handling other people's work loads......

Thank you for you're time, apologies for the rant but Im sure many others feel the same and or worse, thought It best to seek advice from more experienced people in a similar position.


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