Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Terror Extinguished? Are we all at threat? Or are we just bored of being threatened?

Today's "controlled explosion" In Hammersmith Broadway, was inconvenient to say the least. I was actually abnormally early en route to work today to, ironically. I caught the bus AND the train to insure a timely arrival and as my trained pulled in there were hoards of Police and crowds of bemused commuters waiting to great me. The police had apparently been called to deal with a suspicious package left in front of the Hammersmith Broadway station, cordons were put up all over the surrounding area so It was impossible to get anywhere near my office. I had no choice but to sit on a wall and wait for the Police to give the all clear, I waited about 40 minutes and at about 9.00 am the police began to shout at people to stand away from windows and get back as they carried out a controlled explosion on the suspicious package. Which happened without much ado! The package was been reported by the BBC to have been "two fire extinguishers"
- laugh now if you want to, It's ridiculous I know. I'm near certain the package was not an explosive device I was there and I can assure you there were no exploding fire extinguishers!!!

Here's what was left of the controlled explosion.

The fire Extinguishers - INTACT

and if you look to the right a red box, with the door blown off, whatever the controlled explosion was carried out on, it mustve been in there, If the "two fire extinguishers" (which you can clearly see there are three of) were in that box, I seriously doubt they would be in perfect condition.

Here we have the red box, with some kind of brown sack left in the bottom of it.

I don't know what to make of it, but the scene was like something from a disaster movie (without the disaster) London being as highly strung as it is at the moment is naturally reflecting on the public and socially collective psyche. There was a distinct atmosphere of "Routine" and "Apathy" amongst the disrupted travelers, which is strange to say the least in this "Era of Terror". The scare mongering and "Terror campaigns" seem to be wearing thin and quite frankly becoming tedious. The people I walked passed were casually milling around and chatting, waiting for the Police to "get on with it". There were also many amateur photographers snapping away on their camera phones as the scenes sluggishly unfolded. The police were very tight lipped with information and It all turned out to be a big fuss about nothing. But In saying that, the police were well prepared and acted with encouraging swiftness and efficiency and I suppose if it had been a genuine threat I'd be writing a VERY different entry right now or maybe, more potently not around to write one at all!

I think it's about time Terrorists changed their tactics and actually communicated and tried to solve their issues via intelligent, peaceful dialog rather than blowing things up, which clearly solves no problems at all and simply makes things infinitely worse for all sides concerned


It's all beginning to look very "done"


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