Friday, 15 February 2008

Roses, Valentine's and Singles

Well, I hope V.Day was all it promised.

I had a wonderful time, spent the night shaking my ass and singing along to the Star that is Tawiah.

She's A truly PHENOMENAL talent and her band......

...Really, I was speechless (After screaming Hooooorn Section 20'000 times)
The only way I could describe the performance of Tawiah and her colletive would be by giving you a big hug whilst dangling 1000ft upside down, hanging on the underside of a jet, wrapped in a HUGE duvet; such a beautiful, eclectic and insatiably, passionate sound.
Her first EP 'In JodI's Room' is out this monday, February 18th. Available on iTunes, Amazon, HMV and all good record retail outlets. Get that or Get out!!!!



I usually "Don't do Valentine's Day" as so many out there claim but this year I thought I'd make and effort for a certain somebody and decided to get them a Rose, but not ANY old garden Rose, it had to be perfect.

I had to go to about four different florists before I found one in perfect condition, some people really take little pride in their jobs! (and I can be a bit fussy - BAD COMBO)

Whilst out for the night last night I noticed almost instantly the amount of single people actually out on V.Day. There was a very distinct single ladies corner going on in the bar with loads of starved, dribbling ladies sitting round tables leaning in close, like baited scavenger birds, sharing their tales of failed relationships and embarrassing history. I couldn't help but over hear the very light whisper of pain and desperation in their seemingly hearty laughter! why don't 'seeking singles' stay away on the one day that is dedicated to celebrating love and relationships?
They just stood out like a pimp at a holy communion!

Disclaimer: If you're single and see V.Day like any other day and were out for that reason, I'm not referring to you.

- Mr. Devo



OpenID nytwriter said...

Haha! I'll have you know that I was also there, at a table, with my single girlfriends, and I had every right to PRETEND LIKE I WAS HAVING THE BEST TIME EVER whilst nursing a broken heart. Why should you force single ladies into a lonely corner at home? KISS MY TEETH

27 May 2008 at 05:14  
Anonymous Cai said...

Well said.

29 October 2008 at 05:34  

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