Tuesday, 18 March 2008

One of us - Kaya Bousquet

I'm not about to recap for any body who doesn't know the full story, I just wanted to dedicate a section of my space to a fellow professional who's drive and tenacity I admired and respected.

Last Friday the 14th I joined hundreds of mourners at Kaya's funeral. It was such a tough thing to witness, but I could not miss paying my respects.
Although we had alot of mutual friends it would be inaccurate to describe me and Kaya as friends, I came to know her as part of the scene when I was up and coming in my career, before she was the successful lady she became. She was an "it" girl, everybody knew her, everybody was drawn to her - friends and foes alike. For me Kaya's passing was the death of an icon of those times and it was a shock to say the least. It was amazing to see so many people that were part of that scene there also to pay their respects, but such a shame the circumstances that brought us together once again.

The send off was beautiful:

At the church (the same church Kaya was baptised and confirmed in) tributes were paid by her godfather and siblings, Daniel Bedingfield sang Stevie Wonder's "Have a talk with god" accompanied by Kaya's father Lawrence who was a tower of strength, dressed in all white and reminded us all of the joy, inspiration and pride Kaya brought to his life and to the lives of all who knew her.

At the cemetery, the cars were led by a fleet of super-powered, customised motorcycles belonging to the Alpha Bikers flanking either side of the funeral precession.

Once we arrived people tearfully sang songs of love and joy, covered her coffin with flowers and to cap it off two doves were released to symbolise her journey on to a better place.

At the reception, plenty of soul food was served and all had a chance to sign the book of condolence, catch up and reminisce. Her father, stood next to a digital display showing various pictures of Kaya and family throughout her life, gave a speech thanking people for showing in their hundreds to pay respects and he once again paid tribute to his beautiful baby girl. I took the opportunity afterwards, just before I left, to thank Lawrence for sharing her with us and for being so strong and a huge inspiration during such a heart wrenching, tumultuous time for him and his family.

Rest in peace Kaya.

Gone, but certainly not forgotten.


- Mr Devo.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Mr Devo, Nice of you to do this for Kaya and her family may God forevr Bless you. I have followed this story from the start, it has really touched me me it accually made me cry as I am only 25 years who also enjoys driving on the motorway. It is just so sad to loose 3 beautiful girls in a flash may all their families be ay peace knowing that Kaya and her friends have gone to a better place, the master has called for them to do some work as 3 angels...God bless all TTonixx

7 April 2008 at 18:17  

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