Monday, 10 March 2008

Woah Nelly!!!?!? - High Winds, not the weather for an umbrella really, is it?

What glorious weather in the UK today!

I haven't heard the wind blow that hard since the freak tornado in London hit my neighbourhood in December!!!

Driving rain, high tides and winds speeds in excess of 80 mph have wreaked havoc in Britain today and are set to continue through most of this week, causing road closures, aeroplane cancellations, train delays and general damage to property but......

I just wanted to make this post to pose a thought that occurred to me on my way to the underground this morning.

Who are the REAL sufferers of our increasingly frequent freak weather conditions?!?


This bin was filled to the brim with umbrella carcases

These poor folk were simply dis guarded by their owners for not being tough enough to hold up in the storm, but up against 80 mph winds they didn't stand a chance.
Where do umbrellas go when it's their time to depart this cruel, harsh world?

I think somebody ought to start a charity or some sort of fund, surely a regular street dustbin is no place for a trusty companion who protects and serves with the utmost loyalty until its dying day???

- Mr. Devo


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