Friday, 11 April 2008

I like Potery - I DONT like Poetry

I don't like poetry, poetry readings are ok I guess
nice place to spend some change in,
nice place to spend some time allowing others to tease my mind over changing its perspective on things
but it never happens, at least never yet.
Yeah I get it, yeah your pros are deep,
they're meaningful.
But I'm a pesamist, a sin-ic and a negatist and overall I just find it all abit predictable.

You'll get atleast one woman talking about wrappin it up
or about how special her version of sex is.
And you'll get atleast one man,
talkin about how good he is to his Queen and
blah blah blah about sewin his seeds or hustlin.

Its all abit needy, see me, I don't like poetry,
although I would say I appreciate most things poetical;
seeing how much I've earnt after working 40 hours a week,
for a month and lookin further down......

......only to see
how much I actually received on my pay slip

or is that just political?
It wouldn't be that way if I were-king.

Like how, I always seem to forget the little things
and religiously tell myself;
"I'll do it later"
"I'll do it tomorrow"
but when Nike tells me to "Just do it" I do.

Almost in an instant.

Some say life's a bitch,
and if they're right, i guess somebody lost her leash.
but she's less dog-like these days,
and she certainly aint loyal,
she's kinda leech like, like.

I don't like poetry,
although I do appreciate most things poetical like;
the way we claim to be more civilised these days.
we called the times of the barbarians medieval yet
we murder, rape and brutalise eachother
on an unpresidented scale now, much more efficient.
like how we've made destruction and deception an art form,
a way of life.
Like, its Art to de-struct and we utilise deception as a survival tool now.

Like how my fathers forced-forever,
feeling-fracturing failures,
fuel my feverish drive to be a better one,
one day.

I don't like potery,
although I would say I appreciate most things poetrical like;
the opportunity I took whilst sitting on the bus
on my way home from a poetry reading,
writing, all inspired like, sayin all this shit like,
proclaiming I don't like poetry in a poem.

-Mr. Devo


~//~Do more than you've ever done and more than you've ever dared to do before~\\~

- Mr. Devo



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13 April 2008 at 07:18  
Anonymous Ms Muse said...

Me neither dude. Loved it.

17 May 2008 at 18:13  

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