Saturday, 8 November 2008

The digital world and the physical world.
Can we seperate it?

Today I was reminded of the ever increasing blur between the lines of the physical world and the digital. The words we type here are seemingly becoming more real to others than the words we speak The emotions stirred up by the content of the digital world are apparently growing stronger than those we feel in response to things that occur in the physical world around us.

I'm sure you've all heard the stories of "some guy" getting fired after pulling a sickie and writing about it in his status.
- That's just stupidity.

But the fact the a person's opinions and views are now being taken as if they had come from the horses mouth is truly a mini-phenomenon.

If only horses could type!

How may of you have been insulted/abused or worse attacked for posing an "edgy" or different opinion online or for stimulating debate on a touchy subject?
It's one thing when you get it from relative strangers who you've only ever "known" online, but when people who apparently KNOW you behave in that way, doesn't it scare you,
just a little?

Why can't people acknowledge and accept the difference between this world (the digital www.orld) and the real world?

Let's take this idea one step further: If I was having a bad day, and wrote on here or some other digital outlet that I felt like killing somebody - will we one day see a time when the Police will be called to investigate? Or even preemptively arrest and charge me "al a Minority Report"?

George Orwell was right, but I don't think he ever imagined that we would enslave ourselves with totalitarianism. Its not Big Brother watching, censoring and blindly suppressing us; its us. Our society perversely welcomes the invasion of personal space and the shattering of creative freedom and license.
The sad thing is, our access to information and infinite ways to communicate should free our mind's, but it seems to have shackled us.

We take it in and we shit it out, what happened to asking questions, investigating, challenging?

Our access and developments are making our mind's lazy and turning them into something sponge-like but not a sponge.

At least if you squeeze a sponge a little, it will give back some of what's it's absorbed. Communication ironically in this new age is becoming startlingly one way, despite the possibilities. Fortunately some of us have not fallen into that trap, some of us are asking more questions, sharing more than ever and truly utilizing the possibilities awaiting our finger tips.

I just start to worry when the words we type here are met with wall-like closed mindedness and instead of being open to debate and discussion, to some people, these digital words are reality, set in stone.
Is it that hard to separate our digital selves from our physical selves?

Come one people, we need progression, not regression.

- Mr. Devo


Blogger Mademoiselle said...

I must admit it is the female of the species that is the chief offender of reading too much into words, photographs opinions or views online. Or even FB status or myspace profile names; Thinking many things are a personal attack on them or having huge paranoia-the online world seems to also amplify the emotions of something absolutely meanless in the real world.
To all you people out there- words of advice GET A GRIP. If you have an issue just ask or talk about it, but on a whole chill out and if you really know someone-why would something they wrote online effect the relationship you have in the REAL world.

9 November 2008 at 18:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the ying the yang

all opposites must exist together

10 November 2008 at 12:58  

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