Thursday, 13 November 2008

Sony PSP Bike!!!!

Hey all two of you that read this ;)

Met this gentlemen "Cliff" a little while back in Carnaby Street. As I walked passed him I noticed the loud music (not uncommon in central/west on a pleasant day) and then i looked a little closer to discover that this guy had rigged his sony psp up to some speakers and connected it all to his bike. But not to stop there, he'd somehow programmed videos on his psp to "dance" in time with his music. He'd hooked the speakers up to volume and on/off controls under the seat and even more insanely he'd created a button that somehow pumps up the tire when it's deflated using a make shift horn he'd created from a water bottle!!! The ingenuity and creativity displayed on this otherwise humble mountain bike was just astounding, thought I'd capture and share it with you all. Maybe it will inspire some people or just give you a good little laugh.

Anywho here's the video:

Isn't that kick ass?

- Mr. Devo

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