Saturday, 6 December 2008

I know a few people aren't going to like this.....

Today my inbox was greeted with a most hideous and disturbing message. I was so alarmed I had to respond. here is the message I recieved:

A friend died this morning from cancer at the age of 25....guys you need to check yourself n find God because you just don’t know. Sometime you feel because your not doing anything that is that bad its kool but you need to realise is that you don’t know what tomorrow will bring and just because you feel your not harming others you fine but guys that’s just not good enough. I’m here in tears because I know he wasn’t a bad person but what hurts me was that he never knew Christ. Living with out knowing the love of Christ means you haven’t lived at all. My father died last year and didn’t know Christ so I know he’s going hell. This might sound harsh but don’t even get it twisted if you die with out having a personal relationship with Christ then you going hell. Not here to tell everyone my business but you all need to check yourself. Some might read this n think whatever but trust me your not untouchable n your never to young. If you think im just preaching then kool but u have been told. Bless.xxxx

May I just state, I have NO problem with people being free to choose and follow whichever religious path they wish as I have seen and experienced that many paths can and do benefit people in their lives and do benefit the lives of others around them. I am not personally a follower of any relgion, I personally believe that my value as a human being is calculated and created by the value I can create and share with other human beings whoever they are, whatever they believe and where ever they are from. I do not place boundaries where they are not needed and I believe that all positive, kind hearted, open minded humans should be treated and highly valued as EQUALS who live on this Earth together and die on this Earth together.

Here is my response:

The god YOU call "god" thanks to the invasion of Africa can not send ANYBODY to hell because "he" does not exist.

"He" is the creation of a few highly intelligent but highly fearful individuals (HUMANS)

Humans who were so afraid of a society they could not control that they looked to the world around them and saw the impact "Religion" has had on cultures for hundreds of years before them; they saw how belief and kinship can bind and shape the views of masses of people and they created a system based on that model which would help them
"G-overn O-ver D-icsiples."

They called their government Christianity, they outlined their laws in a book called the bible and they elected a gifted and wonderful HUMAN called "Jesus" as their leader to give their followers hope and lead them to distraction.

Under the guise of "Religion" "Hell" and torment has been inflicted on millions if not BILLIONS of people throughout history so I seriously find it insulting and sick that a small minded majority still threaten open minded good hearted people with this mythological place of eternal damnation when there is so much pain and suffereing occuring on a daily basis on this Earth apparently created and APPARENTLY still loved by your G.O.D.

How have you come into the knowledge that people who (as you put it) "die with out having a personal relationship with Christ then you going hell"?

If you were born:
blind or both
raised never speaking english
born and raised in a muslim (or any other faith) family and culture
If YOU were not born in the family YOU were or mixed with the people YOU have you may (AS DO MANY BILLIONS OF PEOPLE) die without ever even knowing the words "God, Christ, Jesus" let alone believing in the obsurdity of what you believe.

I agree WITH ALL MY HEART that having faith and belief in ANYTHING positive (Including some of the values held in the bible, ESPECIALLY THOSE DISPLAYED BY "JESUS") leads people to live positive, constructive, enoyable and overall good lives - but dont EVER think that you are guaranteed a better outcome than people who are just as good human beings, (IF NOT BETTER) but who don't see things YOUR way when it comes to the end of your road.

How dare you?

My apologies if you are easily offended but this is my personal view and I'm exercising my human right to express it freely.

- Mr. Devo

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your soul is lost young sir TO GOD is salavtion, we can from him and to him we shall return!

There is no compulsion in religion as we are taught, believe in what you will and we will wait with you until that day comes when every soul will know what it has done and is recorded in a profound manner!

Then the truth will come come out. Those who were with GOD will enter paradise! Those who did not believe and were against GOD will enter hell fire FOREVER!!

6 December 2008 at 08:30  
Anonymous Jon said...

awww, poor thing.

Didnt god even give you a name?

6 December 2008 at 10:43  
Anonymous sammy m said...

"There is no compulsion in religion as we are taught, believe in what you will and we will wait with you until that day comes when every soul will know what it has done and is recorded in a profound manner!"

Are you feeling ok in the head?
Because you sound as though you've had your brain washed at 30.

6 December 2008 at 15:56  

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