Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Mr. Devo asks British Telecom
- What's Your Story?

Merry Christmas and a most wonderful and productive New Year to you all!

This year I spent a large amount of time on a project I created for British Telecom called - "What's Your Story?" - with a view to highlighting the stories of some of the many wonderful people who’ve work on British Telecom's - award winning Corporate and Social Responsibility - education programme: The BT Better World Campaign.

As some people know, I'm deeply intrigued by the human mind and its motivations, so I approached this project accordingly. The people I interviewed and photographed have dedicated large parts of their lives and working careers to helping others and educating people about the importance of effective communication. With “What’s Your Story?” I set out to explore what impact communication (or lack of communication) has had on their lives and to find out why the subject was so precious and pertinent to them.

Thanks to a small team at British Telecom and a lot of hard work the content has been added to the BT Better World Website and can now be viewed at:

The project was inspiring to work on and provided me with some valuable insight, if you get a chance to read any of them I hope you enjoy. I would just like to thank all the participants and the people working behind the scenes who made this possible, Thank you all.

- Mr. Devo

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Blogger Mademoiselle said...

The site looks amazing!

Its a great result from a year of your hard work, dedication and time.


24 December 2008 at 12:01  
Blogger Mr. Devo said...

Thank you very much for the kind words.

26 December 2008 at 07:28  

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