Thursday, 12 February 2009

Problem with my Blackberry Bold solved!

Happy Thursday people,

As I promised here is a helpful blog for any Blackberry users who have had this issue.

I recently noticed that my Bold wouldn't scroll down, presuming some dirt had got under the ball I pushed the ball down and blew on it. This seemed to fix the problem (temporarily)
Although I was worried that the moisture in my breath may have been what was actually "fixing" the problem, which obviously couldnt be good for my Bold in the long run so I decided to disassemble it when the problem began to occur more and more frequently.

I disassembled the Bold with little trouble
(Its quite straight forward)


Inside the Blackberry Bold you will find torx head screws (6pin/Hexagonal), but don't worry, you can use flat head screw drivers to open them. (As pictured)

**WARNING** Something that I haven't seen mentioned in any disassembly tutorials.
- The screw in the middle, on the right (with Bold back facing you) has a white seal over it, I assume breaking it kills your warranty so be ware.

>--Back to story--<

I removed the track ball casing (not the track ball itself ) and cleaned it using traditionally recommended methods (compressed air, alcohol etc.) and then reinstalled it.
- I also wiped the sensors on the Bold (Just incase) Powered my Bold back up, but nothing, it still didn't work. I then tried using the track ball and housing from my 8800, but that had the same problem; it scrolled Up, Left, Right, but not down!

I opened up my Bold one last time and discovered that I'd place the track ball housing the wrong way as the only tutorial I could find was for an older blackberry and I guess RIM have made some changes, or the tutorial was wrong. Either way, I rotated it and put it in correctly, my track ball now scrolls in all directions.

The Bold open with Track Ball housing removed.

When you open the Bold you will see a metal retainer over the track ball housing, this is kept in place by four tabs (two at the top and two at the bottom).

I used one of the small flat head screw drivers to gentley ease the metal retainer clips up enough to remove it. Be very careful as it's made from a very weak metal and the plastic that it sits on is also easily damaged so I must stress; be gentle and patiently ease this off.

I used tweezers to handle the track ball.

The track ball housing needs to sit securely in the spaces highlighted in the pic below.

Also see below the links I used to help me fumble my way through the first time:
(Warning the image and description in the "Re-insert trackball" section is what mislead me in the first place; the tutorial on this link is for an older Blackberry. For the Bold, the tabs should be vertical, not horizontal)
Contains screen shots and description of the Bold disassembled.

I hope others find this helpful.

- Mr. Devo

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