Monday, 30 March 2009

Happy accidents!!!

Much of my work has a sparkle of something that "wasn't supposed to be there" or enthused with the energy of fleeting moment, caught by my knack for catching falling star-like opportunities. Well happy accidents as they're generally known are also a source of self-perpetuating happyness for me, here's an example of how and why:

Today I was standing at a bus stop, on my way to a friend's. I'd been waiting for the bus for over 20 minutes and had called ahead to let him know I would be late. A few minutes later the bus appeared at the top of the road, but as it trudged closer at which point I realised I didn't have enough money on my Oyster.

Lucky for me, there was a shop by the bus stop. I thought I'd make it if I could be quick enough so I ran into the shop, fiver in hand to top it up my Oyster card. Whilst anxiously waiting in the line I noticed my Oyster card was a little bent so I attempted to straighten it and *SNAP* - it was hanging by a thread of plastic. I couldn't help but laugh out loud as I turned around and left the shop; forced to walk the journey by this "happy accident". Glad the weather's nice today.


- Mr. Devo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That hmm "ting" animal is cute...

11 June 2009 at 01:47  

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