Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Erm, NO WAY!!!!
Home cinema hits new high.

Hi world,

As any of you who read this know, I enjoy sharing awesomeness and randomness alike. Well today people....
It's awesomeness!!!

I pride myself on capturing and telling stories in still motion, frame by frame, occasionally adding some writing to bring out the flavours. Philips Cinema have taken my passion and vision to another level with this production to promote their new range of cutting edge 21:9 HDTV Television sets; making graphics in ground breaking film's like The Matrix look like "stop, start animation".

These babies are just.....delicious! The "immersive Ambilight" actually changes color depending on what's on the screen - did they just invent the word immersive? - unnecessary you might say, but if your TV has an aspect ratio equal to blockbuster film then I say WHY NOT!? Anywho, I'm not about to start outright advertising for Philips so if you want to know the details look it up. Last thing though, the rumoured European price tag for these when they drop in June is about €4000 !!!

Better start saving and praying now! lol.

- Mr. Devo

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