Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Funny, odd and generally a pleasant few weeks

I recently reduced my working hours quite drastically to give myself some breathing space. It's funny how much more of the world you see and how much smaller it looks when you take a step back or pause - if only for a moment - to lift your head and glance around. Going on in the world around me:

Last week a teenage boy who lives in my building tried to kill himself by jumping 25ft. to the ground below after having an argument with his younger brother. I've been saying for months there is something not right about the young people in this building; a few weeks prior to that, there was a group of kids - none older than 11 - stoning and prodding the dead body of a pigeon and a month or so before that as i was walking into the building a couple of teenage boy's were teaching a group of under tens to ask girl's for "head"; I really do wonder sometimes. When Michael Jackson sang "we are the world" holding hands with 100s of little angels; he was in the company of an increasing minority. Rant over.

In other views, In keeping with my habit of sharing pictures of random things that have caught my eye lately:
Bus anyone?

Commuters enjoy the RMT Underground strike.

Wonderful store names

These gems! The names of these stores tickle me every time I pass them, I wonder what they sell?

One slow morning, I decided to leave a gummy bear in a glass of water for a couple of hours and look, he grew!!!

And finally...Road works?

After Thames Water announced profits of hundreds of millions whilst simultaneously announcing up to 17% increases in charges to pay for continued "Improvements to Victorian pipelines", I thought I'd share the quality of their work.

Happy Tuesday!

- Mr. Devo

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your way of writing always gets to me, it always puts a smile on my face. I wish you would blogg everyday, metro perhaps???

26 June 2009 at 03:48  
Blogger Mr. Devo said...

Thank you for the kind words.
If I blogged everyday, I would have little time to experience the things I blog about.

Some blogs prefer to go down the "Ooh look what I just saw online" route and if that is your aim, you can sit at a computer all day every day and fill your blog with other people's pictures and web links.
I like to write as it comes, when it comes and I prefer to write about the things I actually see; sometimes it will be things I've seen online, but often it will be things I've personally experienced.

8 July 2009 at 02:45  

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