Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The "United Kingdom"
Tube Strikes, Traffic Jams, Packed Buses.

If you’re in London over the next couple of days you may happen to notice the effects of a certain 48 hour tube strike. Sharp rises in traffic, heavily packed buses and an increase in beleaguered commuters are but few of the symptoms you may experience.
On my way to work today I noticed an almost unprecedented number of cars on the road, a rare site since the introduction of the Congestion Charge; and we all scoffed that it would never work!
Even through my blocked nose I could smell a lot more pollution/petrol in the air, I really didn’t realise how bad things were before the C-Charge came in.

So it seems in response to the threat of being stranded in London, commuters have decided to pay a little extra to be in the comfort of their own vehicles and take the responsibility of getting to work and back into their own hands.

Naturally the general public are feeling anger towards the Tube Drivers who’ve decided to “take action” against their bosses, but it’s hard to direct frustration at either party in a situation that is so divided. The Tube staff are contesting contractual issues, and the Bosses are reneging on issues that they had the tube staff sign to in those contracts; so I’m avoiding blame at a time when the rest of the world seems to be handing it out in buckets.

Right now many of us are suffering, and the only thing that we as a country seem to do these days is the one thing that is perpetuating this downward spiral further into economic gloom. When we don’t get “our way” we get protective, we get selfish and most disastrously, we forget that the spirit of pulling together is what made this nation Great Britain.

So Underground staff, tube Bosses, backsliding Politicians, Big Brother contestants and the rest of us; (In the words of the late, great James Brown) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, pull together instead of continuing to choose selfish/protectionist actions that inevitably pull us all apart.

“Your country needs you!”

- Mr. Devo

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your country needs you...! Only you Jon!!!

11 June 2009 at 01:33  

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