Monday, 6 July 2009

o2 Wireless Festival
flying bottles and singing bobbies!!!!

Ok, this is a quick one because I'm just on my way out but I just had to share this 1st.

After the awesome Wireless Festival ended lastnight, something special happened in the midst of the Police shepherding people away from Hyde Park. As you would expect there were police lines and fences everywhere and a Van-mounted megaphone directing us to the subway. As we walked towards the van we were met with the sound of MJ's "Rock with you" playing out of the megaphone - I figured to keep the crowds pleasant - and intermittently, the Police officer in control cut the music to give us directions. It was a nice touch and had the masses singing a long but to my joy and the surprise of everyone else, the officer cut the music and sang a long with the crowd!
I just happened to have my trusty G10 in had, so I captured the moment for you all:

It was magic, wish more Police could have such a lovely and sunny disposition; the difference it would make....
...see, I don't just complain when they're terrible, I also praise when they're great!

Also a testiment, to the Legend that is: Michael Jackson

More vids and pics of the day to come later when I get a chance.

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