Monday, 17 August 2009

Prudens simplicitas beat. I am me and I am home.

I'm concerned that my absence may have made your hearts less fond and your minds wander....

....I recently returned from a well overdue - long vacation. I could have found a computer and kept things up but I needed to be totally away. Now I'm back I'm finding it hard (as usual) to adjust. When you take a step back from any situation and you catch a glimpse of "the bigger picture" its frustrating to step back into the picture and carry on as if you'd never stepped out.
For example: For four weeks, I was in the sun, laying about and walking by the sea on a daily basis. There was no place I HAD to be and no thing I HAD to do; I was calm and existing at an easy, steady pace. Yet, the day after I returned home, I went to Marble Arch to pick up something from a store in central London, and as soon as I stepped off the bus I was practically jogging! I had to keep reminding myself to slow down and just walk; I wasn't even in a rush but it seems I've been trained to be a certain way when I'm the City.

"There is more to life than increasing its speed."
- Ghandi

Holidays and breaks for air are beautiful things, they give your mind necessary rest and they highlight the things that really matter to you; the things we lose sight of whilst on the daily grind. Whilst away, other than the beautiful and fun things going on around me, I only thought of close friends and family. Funnily enough, bills, Oyster card top-ups, MP scandals, Katie Price/Peter Andre and my associates (The "Hi" and "Bye" crowd) didn't even cross my mind; not once.

So what does that tell me? How does that make me feel when I return home; warmly welcomed by all the distractions and tertiary concerns I had happily put to the back of my mind for those glorious four weeks?
Changes need to be made. Again.

I'm beginning to feel the pull of those around me. In my absence it seems others have plotted their own designs on my purpose. It's like getting in from School or work and your Mother or your other half wants you to do the washing up, clean the house and take the trash out: yet on your way home, you were thinking of all the things you wanted to get out of the way; it's frustrating right?

Sorry for the tone if I sound a little troubled or frustrated, but although I feel good, I am a bit bothered and I'm not sure what the solution is yet. *Google searches for solution
- Nope, nothing, but if I find a "step-by-step" I will be sure to adapt and post it for anyone else who feels like I do right now.

I miss this:

....going forward I am aiming to focus solely on the things that it makes me feel; warmth, peace, calm, affection, fun and laughter; keeping things - prudent, wise & simple, unaffected and blessed.

- Mr. Devo

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Blogger kay said...

i rarely go on holiday, because of how i feel when i get back. It always feels as if all the loveliness of being away was rather pointless, since i'm still me, home is still home, all the things you needed a rest from are still there...Sorry if this isn't helpful, i'm sure it isn't, but i needed to say it.

17 August 2009 at 05:42  
Blogger Mr. Devo said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I go from feeling that to feeling inspired to make a difference each time I return, even if its the smallest thing, something about me is always progressed when I return. Otherwise I feel like ive waisted the experience. you know?

17 August 2009 at 05:46  
Anonymous CC said...

:( u get into it sooner than u think my friend, just stay positive :)

17 August 2009 at 06:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Again, I'm sorry.

17 August 2009 at 15:06  

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