Tuesday, 20 October 2009

I'm gonna tell a secret...

What I'm about to type might be glaringly obvious to you, but to others its not. I'm going to share with you a secret, its not divine or magical; its simply human and simply fact.

Human's have senses!

I believe there are three levels of sense; not just sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch, there are others. Although, I'm not talking "psychic mind", "3rd eye" type stuff. If we were restricted to these five basic senses, people without a full set would not be able to function in such a one-dimensional world.

So, with that said, as well as the basics there are what I would call "secondary and tertiary" senses: mixtures of the basic senses I've outlined above and more.
For example, the sense of familiarity, felt when you eat food m
ade by your granma or another loved one.
Or pe
rhaps even the sense of discomfort we feel when stuck on a packed train in a tunnel.
ese instances combine familiar senses (taste, sight, smell, touch, hearing) and I believe when combined, there is a whole range of other senses we experience regularly in everyday life; often disregarded as just "feelings". I believe these feelings deserve much greater attention, they are not purely a result of circumstance; they serve a purpose and this is why I class them as senses. Familiarity let's us know where we are safe and cared for, discomfort let's us know what to avoid. But sadly, these things we all feel are ignored because most of us, most of the time, choose to operate on the 1st level of senses alone.
This is a point I will come back to another day.

There is also a 3rd level of senses we experience as humans.
From a very early age, I was aware that I was capable of things other people would believe were "beyond my scope", be it because of my age or because of the standards they place on their own abilities. I would often be able to "see" through people's words, "see" how things were most likely to occur, often with frightening levels of accuracy. These qualities are not unique to me and they do not make me special. What I am describing is closely linked to an ability which is however, innately human; the gift of foresight. The ability to foresee and imagine any number of possible outcomes makes us all special, but there's a catch. Just like some are born naturally faster, stronger or smarter than others, equally, some people are more gifted when it comes to the ability to foresee intention and outcome
with great strength and accuracy.

Take for example that feeling of "knowing" something isn't quite right. Inspired by the words of a late great soul singer, "If something don't feel the same, you better believe something has changed."

Often referred to as "Intuition", the ability to know things beyond the range of our basic senses and the ability work out fact from fiction are common. To further highlight my point: to discern lies from truth we combine the senses of sight, hearing, foresight, familiarity and discomfort. But in contrast people exploit those senses to tell lies, some people even go so far as to convince and manipulate their own senses to achieve this. To come back to what I said earlier about ability: some people are better at this than othe
rs. But in failure to recognise these quirks of human ability and by choosing to limit the range of senses we acknowledge, we make ourselves weak.

Be open to the possibility that you are capable of better judgement, greater compassion and recognise how vast, complex and sensitive yours and the senses of those around you are.
It will make you stronger in yourself and for others, happier in yourself and with others and much more of a joy to be around.

Its definitely not divine, its certainly not magic; its simply human and simply fact.

- Mr. Devo

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Monday, 12 October 2009

I've got the POOOOOWER!!!

A revolutionary new device has been released this week in the US; The Powermat.
Via cases and dongles (connected to or encasing your chosen device), and utilizing existing technology, such as magnetic induction; the Powermat proposes to eliminate the need for individual wire chargers.

Technology blog engadget commented back in January
Powermat hands-on

“We finally got a chance to see it work in person and, much to our surprise, it seems to have delivered on its promise...”
Comments on Powermat press releases and coverage so far paint a divided opinion. Some people are stunned by its creative awesomeness, whilst others are simply not impressed, and disregard it as yet another unnecessary gadget.

Regardless of the moody techno-phobe's criticisms, I'm not alone in my hate and frustrations with all the various wires I have to carry around. In today's world it's common for one person to posses anything from 2-5 personal devices, especially when you consider the already massive and rapidly growing popularity of iPhones, iPods, eBook Reader's, Blackberrys, PSPs, Nintendo DS devices etc.

As a piece of technology, the Powermat also has some of the coolest potential applications: imagine if/when the technology is applied to tables in coffee shops, office desks, Hotels, libraries??? We'd be able to charge our devices virtually anytime, any place. Using RFID (Think Oyster Cards) There also the prospect of wireless data transfer, meaning we should be able to use devices like the Powermat to transfer audio/picture and eventually video data.

Personally I find it all quite exciting really, so naturally, I had to share it. Priced between £60-80 The Powermat is due to go on sale in the UK towards the end of October.

I don't know about you, but I've definitely got one on my Christmas list!
Beware cheap imitations....

Love their ad strategy to, check it:

You can follow the company behind Powermat on Twitter to keep up-to-date with the development of this piece of awesomeness.

- Mr. Devo

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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Lil Wayne Live at the HMV Hammersmith Apollo

Last night the phenomenon that is: Lil Wayne, took to the stage for the finale of his three date London residency.

I've been a fan of Lil Wayne aka "Weezy" for a couple of years but have yet to see evidence of his claim of being one of the greatest rappers alive - Infact I think he might have referred to himself last night as "THEE Greatest rapper alive." Hmmmm.....

But anyway, for all the hype and rumours surrounding the show (Drake and Cudi appearances - Hmmm.....)
It was actually quite a hot show.

Lil Wayne performed with a live band which gave a Rock God feel to Weezy Hip-Hop classics such as, "A Milli" and "Lollipop".

Although relatively short, I wasn't at all disappointed with the show, thanks to Weezy's typically high energy performance style and solid band. I mouthed the lyrics to every song (even the words I didn't know) and I bumped my head through out.

Here's a few snippets and pics I managed to grab, enjoy.

The Dunks!!! Eeeek!!! (IF you know what these are or how I can get them, please get intouch.)
Weezy's Cash Money Family
Weezy's and band

More pictures will be upped later

On a final note: I'd like to thank hmv Hammersmith apollo for the complimentary VIP entry. Check out their site for the latest up coming shows.

- Mr. Devo

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