Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Storm in a tea cup
Reflection on The Sun's persecution of Gordon Brown

The Sun has a right, to run with any story that may be of public interest, however, looking back on the aftermath of what in effect was a storm in a tiny tea cup; The Sun is guilty of three things

  • Poorly gauging public opinion and embarrassingly, the opinion of its readership after only 25% of respondents on its website showed support for the coverage.

  • Shameful levels of hypocrisy, by misspelling the family name of Jacqui Janes as “Jones”, days after ridiculing Brown for the same thing.
  • Smoke screening serious issues at play, with a machine gun attempt at politically assassinating Gordon Brown i.e. the downfall of the Labour government, alleged military equipment shortages and the true costs of a dirty “unwinnable” war.

Jacqui Janes was understandably heartbroken at the loss of her son, who joined the toll of 233 soldiers killed in action in Afghanistan since 2001; Jamie Janes’ death is a sad and tragic cost of our conflict in the Middle East. What’s unique about this story is despite the facts The Sun exploited this woman’s grief to attack Labour and Brown by placing disproportionate focus on Brown’s handwriting.

Hundreds of soldiers put their lives at risk daily, hundreds of families are affected by the conflict; the absolute last thing worth talking about is handwriting quality.

Gordon Brown’s handwriting
a cause for concern?

The fact remains we have a Prime Minister who, for better or for worse, cares enough to respond personally to tragedy.
Surely that’s a positive thing?

- Mr. Devo

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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Hot this week!
Chris Brown comeback
Disney brings back a Classic

I'm having a crazy time at the moment, much is happening, some things good, few things bad things. I'm beginning to accept that the board we're given in life is the board we'll die with, but that got me thinking: That doesn't mean I can't change the pieces. So that's exactly what I intend to do, keeping things moving; I refuse to play victim. Of course, it helps to have good friends and newness to assist my developing perspective so here goes:

New and hot this week!

First up, I know this isn't exactly new anymore but a lot of people still haven't seen Chris Brown's new music video which was released last week. The video is for his comeback single, "I can transform Ya" featuring producer Swizz Beatz and Cash Money superstar Lil Wayne, who simply steals the show with his scorching hot verses.

By now I'm sure most people are aware of Chris Brown's incident with former flame Rihanna back in February and I don't condone or support what he did, but he has apologised and is remorseful so I can still appreciate his art at least.

Next up, on Sunday a friend of mine at Disney invited me down to the Empire cinema in Leicester square to catch a preview of Disney's seasonal feature "A Christmas Carol" in 3D, starring legendary physical comedy actor, Jim Carrey.

Some might criticise Disney for playing it safe with this age old classic, but they have done a simply outstanding job capturing the magic of the tale and telling it in ground breaking, sumptuous digital 3D.

The script and language is largely true to Charles Dickens' original, keeping the heart and beauty of this masterpiece. Very children may find it a little scary, but adults and children (over 9) alike should enjoy this modern version. I laughed and felt the tug of my heart strings at all the right moments.
If you have young ones to entertain in the run up to Christmas, Orange Wednesdays or a quiet Sunday, you should check this out. Heading Central London's extravagant Christmas light display, AChristmas Carol will be on general release in cinemas from Friday November 6th.

Happy Tuesday!

- Mr. Devo

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