Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gordon steps in the brown, again

Today, newsrooms across the country are in a frenzy over Prime Minister Gordon Brown's latest gaffe. Whilst on the campaign trail, Brown was caught out calling a woman he had just met a "bigot", caught on a SKY news microphone he had forgotten to take off - although only minutes earlier, he was all smiles and commending her. On the face of it, Brown's gaffe exposes and partially justifies general public feeling that politicians are all talk and no substance, secretly plotting against us behind closed doors. From The Guardian: " [Brown's] 'Bigot' jibe exposes a disconnect between voters and politicians." While that may still remain the case, let's look at the mishap with an open mind.

raph: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

During the conversation, Ms Duffy challenged Gordon Brown on immigration without elaborating her point, only making an off-hand comment about Eastern Europeans "swamping" over here and asking him "Where are they flocking from?" - aside from the fact that she answered her own question - she sounded pretty bigoted to me.

If she had used the "N-Word" or had said something negative about homosexuality, Gordon Brown has a right, scratch that, Gordon Brown has a DUTY to voice his opinion against those views. Ms Duffy's view of foreigners, in this case, Eastern Europeans is insulting and has become an all too familiar tone in conversations across this country. It's not acceptable and it is bigoted.

My issue with Brown however is such: since being "caught out" and having listened back to the recording, he has come out apologetic and dejected. If he can't stand by what he says in private, how can he expect us to believe he'll stand by what he says in public?

I know my view on this might not be shared by the majority, but all he did was do what we all do everyday. I don't like everyone I meet, but I am civil and put on a public face, that is what he did and I would respect him if he came out and apologized for offending her but stood by his opinion. All this media backlash will do is force even more robotic and over-rehearsed appearances from political leaders. Is that really what we want?

It certainly makes the leadership debacle, sorry, I meant the debate, a little less worthwhile.

- Mr Devo

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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

And the first egg of the campaign goes to.....

David Cameron's bad week just got worse after giving a talk to students at Cornwall College Saltash, the Tory leader was pelted with an egg from behind.

Pictures via SKY news
[Full story]
While for me, the past seven days have been a trip [pun intended] with planes eliminated from our airspace here in sunny England – thanks to that unpronounceable Volcano in Iceland and its "deadly" ash cloud. Yeah I said it - SUNNY England.

It's been so consistently gorgeous here I'm a little high on vitamin D, I'm becoming hooked on the stuff! And if that wasn't enough reason to be smiling: Nick Clegg's performance during the historical Leadership debates last week has placed the Liberal Democrats at the top of the opinion polls with Clegg receiving the highest approval rating any UK political party leader has received in the past decade, a whopping 86% to be precise!!!

But the cynic in me says it’s not hard to disapprove of someone who's never been in a position of power to do the British public anything wrong - so hmmmm, watch this space.

By now, all those eligible and intending to vote have been registered so the parties are all hands on deck trying to portray "the right message". Interestingly, David Cameron's invitation to "join the government" seems to have been hastily withdrawn at the sight of Nick Clegg's overnight popularity boost. Last week Cameron was saying "we're all in this together" and that it's time we took charge - this week he's somewhat changed his tune.

Addressing an audience of voters, including his own parents, in Swindon, he was asked if he believed he had lost to Mr Clegg in last week's debate and that the Lib Dems were now regarded as the party offering "change".

Cameron responded: "If you want real change, if you want the job to be done, the only way to get it done is to have a Conservative government." (via the Press Association)

That sounds more like "my way or the highway" to me!

It's a very exciting time, if not, thee most exciting time to be interested in British politics for a century. Come May 7th we could be waking upto a "new" Britain or at least a new age in British politics.

- Mr Devo

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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Something we should all be concerned about

The leading political parties in this country have finally released their manifestos with the British general election only round the corner.

Labour promising to increase strength in the pound with calculated and necessary tax rises, Conservatives proposing to cutback on government spending waste and get public involved in key decision making (slightly patronising) - offering to give power back to the people - giving us a controlling stake in the way our schools are run, our police forces deliver and how our councils spend and the LibDems....well, they're (still) on the fence.

A lot of people aren't sure which way they are going to vote, some, not even sure if they will bother voting at all and it doesn't bode well for our future. So in response I've been trying to motivate friends of mine to get involved, to ask difficult questions and to thoroughly investigate their options.

I've been sending an email (see below) to all my contacts to start the conversation, it might not make any significant difference but I think these conversations and actions are a forgotten necessity in the political process.

"We are not the king makers, the people of this country are."
- Sir Ming Campbell (former Liberal Democrat leader)

Give this a read and if you feel strongly, join the conversation and act on your feelings.
Good day,

I'm not known for having much of a political stance but the tide of apathy gripping this country and my generation in particular is overwhelming and I don't want to be a part of it; at least not without my voice being heard.
I want to grab people's attention, in the hope that we can avoid tumbling haplessly back and forth between the Tory and the Labour Government. I'm not encouraging you to vote for any party in particular, but there are more than just two parties in this country and I think we would all do well to have a look at our options.

Look at what ALL the parties in YOUR area are offering YOU and YOUR FUTURE and vote accordingly.

Don't just vote Labour because you don't like the idea of a Tory Government, equally, don't just vote Tory because you want to punish Labour or because you don't like Gordon Brown, because at the end of the day the only people you'll be punishing is yourselves and the rest of us, blindly condemning us all to another decade of lies, inflation and failed investment.

I hate chain messages as much as the next person because they don’t bring luck, they can't condemn you to hell or get you passage into heaven, nor have I ever won or even entered a Euro lottery.

But please just think about what I've said, take action and share this short message.

I'm aware it may be too little too late, but perhaps it will serve as bitter food for thought while we're chewing the fat that we've voted back in by swinging between two parties, who have both proven themselves to be petty, selfish and ignorant to the views, needs and aspirations of the British people.


Add your name and your site/blog/twitter to the bottom and send to your contacts if you feel as strongly as I do.


Mr. Devo - @Canonjon

Remember: NOT voting and NOT challenging those in power, are still actions; are those the actions you want to affect the running of your country?

- Mr. Devo

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Monday, 5 April 2010

If you don't know Mr DJ, you better get to know

Don't ask me how I come across this stuff, just be thankful I did - Mr DJ will change your life.
Check it out:

Dirk Schommer a.k.a. "Dance Jockey" Mr DJ is a dance music innovator and the man behind a movement known as Sound Cycle. His aim is to bring fun, joy and love to the world through his unique brand of "choreography". In his own words (in the third

"Working in a new Dimension, he is the First, to completely re-train mind and body to travel in continuous motion. walking in music with revolutionizing percussion moves and a technique, he created by training faithfully over the past years, to improve his personal dance style innovation the "SOUNDCYCLE" "

Mr DJ has performed across Europe and in America so If you're out and about on the club scene, keep a lookout for this loved up human turn table.

- Mr Devo

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Friday, 2 April 2010

Who were the April Fools then? Improv Everywhere bare all.

Shame on me, March was a hectic month but I'm back. Did anyone of you pull of a good April Fool's prank yesterday?
Well if you did, I doubt you beat what the notorious Improv Everywhere pulled off. While London's developed a taste for Flashmob style dance routines in public over the past couple of years, New York's Improv Everywhere mob continue to push the envelope and shock and amuse the public. This time the spontaneous crew descended on the New York underground for their "No underwear subway ride", but what the public didn't know was that the pranksters were wearing flesh-colored underwear.

The result makes for great viewing:

As a Londoner, I call for improv EVERWHERE!

- Mr Devo

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