Wednesday, 21 April 2010

And the first egg of the campaign goes to.....

David Cameron's bad week just got worse after giving a talk to students at Cornwall College Saltash, the Tory leader was pelted with an egg from behind.

Pictures via SKY news
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While for me, the past seven days have been a trip [pun intended] with planes eliminated from our airspace here in sunny England – thanks to that unpronounceable Volcano in Iceland and its "deadly" ash cloud. Yeah I said it - SUNNY England.

It's been so consistently gorgeous here I'm a little high on vitamin D, I'm becoming hooked on the stuff! And if that wasn't enough reason to be smiling: Nick Clegg's performance during the historical Leadership debates last week has placed the Liberal Democrats at the top of the opinion polls with Clegg receiving the highest approval rating any UK political party leader has received in the past decade, a whopping 86% to be precise!!!

But the cynic in me says it’s not hard to disapprove of someone who's never been in a position of power to do the British public anything wrong - so hmmmm, watch this space.

By now, all those eligible and intending to vote have been registered so the parties are all hands on deck trying to portray "the right message". Interestingly, David Cameron's invitation to "join the government" seems to have been hastily withdrawn at the sight of Nick Clegg's overnight popularity boost. Last week Cameron was saying "we're all in this together" and that it's time we took charge - this week he's somewhat changed his tune.

Addressing an audience of voters, including his own parents, in Swindon, he was asked if he believed he had lost to Mr Clegg in last week's debate and that the Lib Dems were now regarded as the party offering "change".

Cameron responded: "If you want real change, if you want the job to be done, the only way to get it done is to have a Conservative government." (via the Press Association)

That sounds more like "my way or the highway" to me!

It's a very exciting time, if not, thee most exciting time to be interested in British politics for a century. Come May 7th we could be waking upto a "new" Britain or at least a new age in British politics.

- Mr Devo

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