Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Gordon steps in the brown, again

Today, newsrooms across the country are in a frenzy over Prime Minister Gordon Brown's latest gaffe. Whilst on the campaign trail, Brown was caught out calling a woman he had just met a "bigot", caught on a SKY news microphone he had forgotten to take off - although only minutes earlier, he was all smiles and commending her. On the face of it, Brown's gaffe exposes and partially justifies general public feeling that politicians are all talk and no substance, secretly plotting against us behind closed doors. From The Guardian: " [Brown's] 'Bigot' jibe exposes a disconnect between voters and politicians." While that may still remain the case, let's look at the mishap with an open mind.

raph: Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters

During the conversation, Ms Duffy challenged Gordon Brown on immigration without elaborating her point, only making an off-hand comment about Eastern Europeans "swamping" over here and asking him "Where are they flocking from?" - aside from the fact that she answered her own question - she sounded pretty bigoted to me.

If she had used the "N-Word" or had said something negative about homosexuality, Gordon Brown has a right, scratch that, Gordon Brown has a DUTY to voice his opinion against those views. Ms Duffy's view of foreigners, in this case, Eastern Europeans is insulting and has become an all too familiar tone in conversations across this country. It's not acceptable and it is bigoted.

My issue with Brown however is such: since being "caught out" and having listened back to the recording, he has come out apologetic and dejected. If he can't stand by what he says in private, how can he expect us to believe he'll stand by what he says in public?

I know my view on this might not be shared by the majority, but all he did was do what we all do everyday. I don't like everyone I meet, but I am civil and put on a public face, that is what he did and I would respect him if he came out and apologized for offending her but stood by his opinion. All this media backlash will do is force even more robotic and over-rehearsed appearances from political leaders. Is that really what we want?

It certainly makes the leadership debacle, sorry, I meant the debate, a little less worthwhile.

- Mr Devo

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