Monday, 5 April 2010

If you don't know Mr DJ, you better get to know

Don't ask me how I come across this stuff, just be thankful I did - Mr DJ will change your life.
Check it out:

Dirk Schommer a.k.a. "Dance Jockey" Mr DJ is a dance music innovator and the man behind a movement known as Sound Cycle. His aim is to bring fun, joy and love to the world through his unique brand of "choreography". In his own words (in the third

"Working in a new Dimension, he is the First, to completely re-train mind and body to travel in continuous motion. walking in music with revolutionizing percussion moves and a technique, he created by training faithfully over the past years, to improve his personal dance style innovation the "SOUNDCYCLE" "

Mr DJ has performed across Europe and in America so If you're out and about on the club scene, keep a lookout for this loved up human turn table.

- Mr Devo

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