Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Something we should all be concerned about

The leading political parties in this country have finally released their manifestos with the British general election only round the corner.

Labour promising to increase strength in the pound with calculated and necessary tax rises, Conservatives proposing to cutback on government spending waste and get public involved in key decision making (slightly patronising) - offering to give power back to the people - giving us a controlling stake in the way our schools are run, our police forces deliver and how our councils spend and the LibDems....well, they're (still) on the fence.

A lot of people aren't sure which way they are going to vote, some, not even sure if they will bother voting at all and it doesn't bode well for our future. So in response I've been trying to motivate friends of mine to get involved, to ask difficult questions and to thoroughly investigate their options.

I've been sending an email (see below) to all my contacts to start the conversation, it might not make any significant difference but I think these conversations and actions are a forgotten necessity in the political process.

"We are not the king makers, the people of this country are."
- Sir Ming Campbell (former Liberal Democrat leader)

Give this a read and if you feel strongly, join the conversation and act on your feelings.
Good day,

I'm not known for having much of a political stance but the tide of apathy gripping this country and my generation in particular is overwhelming and I don't want to be a part of it; at least not without my voice being heard.
I want to grab people's attention, in the hope that we can avoid tumbling haplessly back and forth between the Tory and the Labour Government. I'm not encouraging you to vote for any party in particular, but there are more than just two parties in this country and I think we would all do well to have a look at our options.

Look at what ALL the parties in YOUR area are offering YOU and YOUR FUTURE and vote accordingly.

Don't just vote Labour because you don't like the idea of a Tory Government, equally, don't just vote Tory because you want to punish Labour or because you don't like Gordon Brown, because at the end of the day the only people you'll be punishing is yourselves and the rest of us, blindly condemning us all to another decade of lies, inflation and failed investment.

I hate chain messages as much as the next person because they don’t bring luck, they can't condemn you to hell or get you passage into heaven, nor have I ever won or even entered a Euro lottery.

But please just think about what I've said, take action and share this short message.

I'm aware it may be too little too late, but perhaps it will serve as bitter food for thought while we're chewing the fat that we've voted back in by swinging between two parties, who have both proven themselves to be petty, selfish and ignorant to the views, needs and aspirations of the British people.


Add your name and your site/blog/twitter to the bottom and send to your contacts if you feel as strongly as I do.


Mr. Devo - @Canonjon

Remember: NOT voting and NOT challenging those in power, are still actions; are those the actions you want to affect the running of your country?

- Mr. Devo

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