Friday, 2 April 2010

Who were the April Fools then? Improv Everywhere bare all.

Shame on me, March was a hectic month but I'm back. Did anyone of you pull of a good April Fool's prank yesterday?
Well if you did, I doubt you beat what the notorious Improv Everywhere pulled off. While London's developed a taste for Flashmob style dance routines in public over the past couple of years, New York's Improv Everywhere mob continue to push the envelope and shock and amuse the public. This time the spontaneous crew descended on the New York underground for their "No underwear subway ride", but what the public didn't know was that the pranksters were wearing flesh-colored underwear.

The result makes for great viewing:

As a Londoner, I call for improv EVERWHERE!

- Mr Devo

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