Friday, 18 June 2010

A man of my word - hope my country can show the same determination

Fortunately, I managed to stick to my plans and after taking out only R100 yesterday, I managed to come home with R17.30. I opted for tap water with my meal last night instead of my new love - Black Label! or "Zamalek" as the locals call it. So with change in my pocket, I'll definitely be continuing my "have less - use less" economic strategy when I return home.

Today England step up to the plate, I've got my jersey on and I'm ready to spend 90 minutes shouting expletives at a screen, but I sincerely hope they prolong their expulsion from the World Cup until at least the quarter finals! After the first round of matches, most of Western Europe is seriously underachieving (bar Germany) and with France now almost certain to tumble (goalless again) at the group stage hurdle again, England Spain and Portugal had better pull their socks up.


- Mr Devo

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