Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The greatest action movie ever made - The Expendables

Remember when you first watched Commndo? Enter The Dragon? First Blood? or if you're new skool: The Matrix, Ong Bak or even Gladiator. After watching those films you felt empowered, tougher and ready to taken on the world right?
Well last night I saw what can only be described as the best action movie made in over two decades. In a hark back to the good ol' days of old, Sly Stallone has managed to pull together some of the biggest names in Hollywood action history. What happens over the next 103 minutes is total awesomeness.



Fighting skills:

Big mean baddies:

Car chases:



I left the cinema with a new walk, feeling untouchable, singing Michael Jackson's "Wanna be starting something'" in my head and thinking: "Why don't people ever pick fights with me when I'm in this mood!?"
Sylvester Stallone delivers, giving you everything you'd want from a classic action movie - well everything except a cheesy Jean Claude Van Damme sex scene. The cinema audience clapped, cheered and whooped throughout the film and I would recommend it to any action movie fan as a "must see".

- Mr Devo

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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Instrumental for growth

(ADVISORY – Press “play” on the link before you start reading this)

Shoulder Kiss by canonjon

Increasingly, as I get older I’m finding myself listening to instrumental music over anything else, or if I do listening to music with words it tends to be very minimal or in a foreign language.

I’ve always been a huge fan of supreme producers and composers whose music simply stood alone, with out any lyrical accompaniment – producers/Musicians like Flying Lotus, MF Doom, RJD2, the late great J.Dilla and epic composers like Ryuichi Sakamoto and Hans Zimmer. These craftsmen create a world for their listeners to dive into and immerse themselves in. They’re music gives you a platform to explore and experience your own stories as you journey through with their sound as your backdrop.

Although until recently it hadn’t been a conscious decision for instrumental music to dominate my listening tastes, when I was thinking about it last week I stumbled across a possible reason for my shift from songs with words to songs without.

As I’m beginning to experience the world, comfortable in my own skin as an adult, I’m less concerned with the “same old” stories and agendas of others. You know how it goes when you listen to an album; you have the “I’m back, bigger and better” song, the “Can we hook up/get down/or whatever” song, the “Better off without you/thanks to the haters” song, and the infamous “Party track” or “Club” song.

Well no longer do I want to be told how to feel when I’m listening to music, I want to find something in each piece for myself. Very few song writers can put words to music that allow for that kind of space and freedom, hence my leaning towards instrumentals.

After complaining for much of the past decade that “music isn’t what it used to be” my faith in music was once again restored when I discovered Question & Freddie Joachim’s “Study Guide”, which was actually released last year. If you haven’t heard it, I highly recommend you get on or head down to your nearest good record store and make a purchase. The album is a smooth and soulful blend of Hip-Hop and Jazz, minus the predictable “conscious” Hip-Hop verses pasted over the top.

Each time I listen to an instrumental I get something new out of it, a new mood, a new instrument/melody/sound will pop out and catch my ear. In the same way that a single image can say a thousand and four things without the need for a caption, I’m attracted to music that possesses that same magic.

Here’s an image I captured last week that for me, has that impact:

- Mr Devo

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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

RIM fights back with a new Blackberry!

Following the release of the iPhone 4, as their market share continues to rocket, who can hold a torch to Apple right now? HTC? Samsung? Well, enter RIM's latest offering - the Torch 9800.

Research in Motion (RIM) is set to recover lost ground in the battle of the ultimate mobile phone handset with its newest family member.

The Blackberry Torch 9800 looks like a Blackberry, but with a slight difference. Not only does it have a touch screen (vogue for smartphones these days) it also has the familiar QWERTY keypad, which should please traditional Blackberry fans whilst satisfying the gadget goons obsessed with everything they can touch, flick, pinch and double tap. Think of it like this: If the Blackberry Storm and the Bold 9700 had a child, the Torch 9800 would be it.

The screen is a humble but respectable 3.2 inches with a native resolution of 480x360. The Torch boasts a 5MP camera, complete with flash. Unfortunately, the video recorder on the phone only records in VGA, so it won't be able rival the HD video recording quality of the iPhone4.

But if you're like me and won't require the bells and whistles of HD video recording, perhaps the speedy 624MHz processor of the Torch (faster than the iPhone 3GS), improved web browsing and new Blackberry OS 6 - which includes device leading features such as "Universal search" - will be enough to entice you towards the Blackberry Torch 9800.

The Torch was released in the US today and will hopefully be coming to the UK in the next few weeks with Vodaphone looking like the first carrier to offer it. US release price of the Torch 9800 is $199.99 on a $15 a month basic contract, no word on UK prices though.

I've had my upgrade since last month and I waited for the iPhone4 before considering jumping ship. But with RIM's timely release, perhaps I will remain a Blackberry customer after all...

Watch this space!

- Mr Devo

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South Africa and the World Cup through my eyes - Link finally up!

Hello again,

As promised here is a link to my photos taken during my journey in South Africa, I hope - accompanied by the pieces I've written previously on the experience - that these images will give you a glimpse into the wonderful, inspiring and moving place that is South Africa.

Click here to see the images.

Please enjoy. If you wish to use/share any of the images please contact me via email at:
canonjon@blacktechnicolor. com

Using images without permission will leave you open to prosecution.

- Mr Devo

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Monday, 2 August 2010

Still with the rainbows, but this time...

Apologies for not posting for a little while (feels like I'm talking to myself again) but I've been trying to clear my mind after an intense six weeks.

I have a few things I'd like to share, thought-wise, and I promise I will once they're a little more fluid. I also have a ton of images from South Africa about to go up on Flickr which I will share the link to shortly. Any ways, here is what I'd like to share for now, this brought tears to my eyes and made me smile so I hope, if you haven't seen it before, that it does the same for you:

"What does this mean!?!" - Yosemitebear

- Mr Devo

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