Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Homeless man Ted Williams with the golden voice - Inspirational


Ted's story is phenomenal.

Within 24 hours, Ted had received 100s of work offers, then came this -
Audio of Ted being offered a job AND A HOME by the Cleveland Cavaliers:

This is precisely the kind of story and experience I live to see and capture. Remember what I wrote in my end of year post:

"Don't write anybody off, amazing people come in all shapes and sizes, give everyone your best shot."

Ted Williams' story is a prime example and I sincerely hope he continues to stay clean and improve his situation. Be inspired. I know I am.


Ted Williams interviewed on CBS, more appreciative of life and planning on visiting his 92-year-old mother to show her that he finally got himself right. Warning, its emotional

- Mr Devo

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