Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Pina 3D - An unassuming visual masterpiece

Whether you're a dance fan or not, if you're a fan of beautifully crafted visuals, this is definitely something worth seeing. I went to see this at one of my favourite cinemas, The Gate in Nottinghill and I was simply stunned throughout.

The movie's director Wim Wenders, effortlessly weaves through some of the most sublime and magical scenery ever to grace the big screen without the use of CGI.

The film poses itself as a documentary about award-winning dancer and choreographer Pina Bausch, and the documentary aspect is perhaps the only weakness of this wonderful film. Much of the documentary elements feel after the fact, and shallow - appearing more like add-on tributes to the late great Pina, rather than a well thought through piece of documentary work.

However, these elements are small blips in what I would only describe as a ground-breaking, spine-tingling, emotive masterpiece. Definitely worth a butchers and the 3D aspect of the film is some of the best use of the technology I've ever seen, far from the merely gratuitous and increasingly cliche 3D shots typical of Hollywood-style blockbusters; Wim Wenders, 3D producer Erwin M. Schmidt and the 3D Supervisor Fran├žois Garnier do a fantastic job of utilizing the technology to push the boundaries of 3D and truly add to the visual experience.

Pina 3D is a rare gem, check here for listings.

- Mr Devo

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