Monday, 6 June 2011

Thought of the day

"Same day different shit. Same chains, different whips."
- (@jonisms)

Although I wouldn't describe myself as a pessimist, I wrote that when I was 13. To be fair it was in reference to the worship of celebs and the blind pursuit of fame pedalled by western society and particularly in "Hip-Hop culture". Seems in 2011, not much has changed.

This comment I read on a BBC article today says a lot of what I'm thinking right now:

IMO The increase in mental illness is more a symptom of the illusion of how much control we are told we have in our lives. We are given expectations of success, health/employment/life, to find that reality may fall short and there is little that you can do. As success is reflected by ownership, the threat of the loss of ownership is hard/impossible to comprehend (be it physical or emotional).

- Mr Devo

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