Monday, 8 August 2011

UK Riots - West Lodon - Nottinghill area

Much was said about the alleged destruction in the Nottinghill area, here's what we saw on the streets.

Sloane Square Money Exchange

Hugo Boss in Sloane Square

Office on Portobello Road

There were a couple of stores with smashed windows (at random)

Minimal damage in the Bayswater/Queensway area - Best One

Office on Queensway

All-in-all, the reports hearsay of major havoc in the Nottinghill area, was largely overblown. The streets were dead, bar a few small groups of children who were allegedly "tooled up."

Really glad the damage in the area was minimal, really feel for those less fortunate. Regardless of the anger/frustration/lack of connection these people animals feel, shattering the lives of your neighbours and destroying your hometowns will make life worse for everyone*

*As I wrote this, I realised perhaps, this is subconsciously exactly what they want...

But regardless of the motivations behind the destruction being dished out, the fact remains that good, innocent people are suffering as a result, and that is unforgivable.

- Mr Devo

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