Tuesday, 29 January 2013

T-Mobile's "infinite generosity" - MUGS!!!

If you follow me on Twitter you'll be familiar with my on going tweet feuds between T-MoFail and Orange. Since joining forces their service and customer care has sharply declined in quality and I'm unfortunate enough to be a customer of both. So you'll understand my laughter when I received this text today:
As an existing T-Mobile mug customer you can get shite great January deals on second lines like the iPad with Retina display for only £99.99 and £36 a month for 24 months.
ARE THEY STOOOOOPID!?! That work's as £963.99 over two years for an iPad that costs £399 that you can get with a minimum 1GB per month plan at £10 with NO CONTRACT. I'm insulted they would even dare call this a great deal and then send it to me. That's like Pizza Hut offering free pizza, charging you for delivery and then sending you a piping hot deep pan pepperoni and cowshit pizza. Once again T-Mobile UK - FFFFFFFUCK YOU!!!!

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