Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day Heartbreak

I saw a lot of couples on the way home from work today, a few ladies wearing red (head-to-toe obviously) and a couple of single men on their way to meet their other halves holding flowers (a single rose the cheapest most common choice).

As couples circled and stalked me on my journey home, a recurring thought weighed on my mind "London looks a lot less single this evening than in does the other 364 days of the year, how lovely!" But the natural next steps in my thought process walked me down a path of a less complimentary nature.

I began pouring scorn on the tube station florists, thinking to myself, what kind of a loser buys their loved ones briefly mortal tokens of their love on their way home from work - "Look my love, I care so much I remembered to pick you up some flowers at Liverpool Street after going through the whole day failing to come up with something more spontaneous and meaningful!"

You know? That kind of stuff, but as I started to feel like a miserable, bitter sod, the real source of my disdain towards the whole Valentine's Day act became clear. It breaks my heart that people can't maintain a sustained public demonstration of their love and appreciation for the one(s) that truly matter in their lives.

It breaks my heart that the rest of the year we parade through our cities with glum looks on our faces, flowerless, with no one holding our hands as we walk towards evenings of sentimental love-fuelled activities, and no one putting their arms around us, tingling with the excitement of what's going down when we get home for the duration of the taxi ride or tube journey home. And it's not just that people wouldn't make the effort even though they could, but such frequent and daily shows of love would lead to complacency and would dwindle our appreciation, in short - we'd get bored.

We can be so ungrateful sometimes. So ungrateful in fact that we need a random day assigned to showing we care, and for the singletons - those with no one to call their own - they're doomed to a day of negative reflection. And the couples, the suckers give in to a day of forced pretence so that they can go back to being a little over average (at best) and downright disrespectful towards eachother (at worst) from February 15th until next year.

Pathetic right? Right, and it breaks my heart.

~ @Jonisms

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