Thursday, 14 March 2013

Victory: How we meet success

When I was a boy-child, my football Coach used to say something to me about winning that has stuck with me for years. When the training burn was setting in and our legs and arms were getting heavy, with the rain battering our already soaked bodies, and thoughts of giving up were gathering steam in our heads, my coach would say: "Winners never quit, and quitters never win!!!"

Back then it pissed me off, I kept thinking "why don't YOU run around in this piss-sodden mud and do shuttles!?" But as I grew older, every time I felt myself tempted to walkaway, tempted to back down, to quit on something that I really wanted, my coach's words would ring in my ear "quitters never win"...and I would dig a little deeper, suffer just a little longer until I was victorious.

You have to decide that the path you're on is one you've chosen for your life, a path that aligns you with a victory that holds true significance for you. If those boxes are ticked, backing down isn't even an option - the very thought of quitting turns your stomach and boils your blood. This is because achieving a victory that you've aligned with experiences that you want to bring into your life, and aligned with your personal development, will create a path to success or failure that will define you.

As a man-child I've unpacked my coach's words even further, as I've come to understand that victory and success are transient and relative concepts. That understanding has helped me to pick my goals more wisely. Rather than setting my sights on temporary victories, I choose goals that bring me to achieving success outcomes and experiences that build and challenge me.

Lasting success is: A life forged in experience and the result of applied understanding through the experiences we gain on our journey. We need to learn to meet success in this way - as an enhancing experience rather than as a temporarily satisfying hurdle, only to be replaced by another, and another, and another.

What do you think?

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