Monday, 6 January 2014

10 reasons (of many) why my Mother is awesome

1. By the age of 10 I had travelled to 10 countries
2. She showed me that even a homeless single teen parent can achieve education, happiness and success with determination, sacrifice and commitment
3. By the age of 8 I had been introduced to road trips to Amsterdam, three day long house raves and lesbians ;P
4. She introduced me to Photography
5. She introduced me to House music and DJing
6. She's a Carpenter
7. She taught me maths and English from home before I was old enough to go to school
8. I grew up (mostly) in a Buddhist household
9. All of the above - working in manual labour, DJing, House music, Photography, being in relationships with women, being a Buddhist - that were once a source of foolish embarrassment are now trendy (apparently)
10. She raised the kind of person who recognises how awesome their mother is and doesn't wait until mother's day or some other random special occasion to say it.

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